Duration: Four weeks

Done in collaboration with Amanda Kong (UX Major)

Aired the first time in 1997, South Park is an obvious favorite to many. The story follows four elementary students around the town that is South Park. Most episodes are unique to its own but has ongoing stories and inside jokes from prior episodes. The humor is very “edgy” and mature. Releasing late 2021/early 2022, South Park has been on a short hiatus. Earlier this year and late 2020, two specials were released which gained over a million viewers when compared to the previous season Doing a campaign for “boot up” would be very fitting especially when the show’s lifespan is coming close to an end. The primary TA is male from the ages of 15 - 35. 

As South Park doesn't contain a huge story line (mostly one-hit episodes), I utilized the single on-going joke; "Someone killed Kenny". In many episodes, Kenny gets killed but comes back by the next episode. 

Social media presence and Executions are released periodically leading up to the airing.



Guerilla-style missing posters placed around the venue of the upcoming Comicon (as we will have a South Park themed event there).

A short "bit" on iFanboy; a podcast/radio show on geeky topics. The bit will be about how the characters in South Park are looking for his missing friend (Kenny).


A few tweets from the official South Park Twitter acount as well as a few tweets from Tegridy Farms Twitter account (one of the MC's father; cannabis farm) to support #JUSTICEFORKENNY and the search for Kenny. He is also known for selling hemp merch which will also be made into purchasable merch.



As Comicon pulls around, the event was set to premiere the newest South Park episode however, the event turns into an interactive clue search. When a player finds a clue, the narrated story moves forward as the dialogue opens. Participants will also receive gifts.

A microsite/interactive videogame that uses Club Penguin as the skeleton. Users are tasked with finding clues to Kenny's missing case. The game also includes a mini-game similar to Club Penguin's Dojo (Rock, Paper, Scissors). Prototyped as a happy-path.


South Park has many cross-overs and references. One of the most popular being the World of Warcraft reference. In the episode, Randy uses the "Sword of a Thousand Truths" to slay the enemy. The sword does not exist in the game however, it will be added as an item in-order to push anticipation and engagement to the campaign.



In March, we release two additional executions. One, being a collaboration between South Park and Dumb Ways to Die, which is a game/app about avoiding death. This is perfect for out campaign as Kenny dies often in South Park. The other execution being a new strain of cannabis (released in legal states). Randy is known for growing his own cannabis as well as making new strains. Being able to sell fungible items such as this would easily increase engagement. The two strains are "The Kenny Special" and "#JUSTICEFORKENNY". Randy also often uses insensitive situations for his own gain (this would be one of them).

The entire process book can be found here.