Nakarin Campos-Tortosa (Niki) is a multidisciplinary designer with a minor in Advertising and Branding from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I find joy in corporate identity and branding as it provides a sense of system as well as its own life. My love for design and all things graphic started when I was studying in Japan. The harmonious relationship between neon-lights and minimalist-zen put me in awe as they live together in peace.

My journey started in AP Art where I created graphics and abstract design with my computer. This sparked my feelings for the many graphic styles such as Brutalism, Swiss Style, Grunge and even punk. The deepper I looked, the more there was for me to explore.

Being a Graphic Design student, we were never really given the opportunity to interact and work with others. Many projects only require the student’s perspective and vision however, that is completely different from the real world. Working as a creative in the real world requires for you to interact and work coherently as a team. For these reasons, I pushed myself to search for an internship within the design field.

Work Experiences


Featuresroom Studio

The first opportunity that I was given was at Featuresroom Studio; a small multidisciplinary creative studio. As it was a small agency/studio, interns were not given a role but would help when the chance arose. The studio would take offers and briefs for all things creative and design related. During my time there, I worked with graphic design, motion media, mascot rebranding and signage. The internship period was roughly around two months however, the experience and insight that I have received was abundant.


Freshair Festival

From November until December, I was also given the opportunity to shadow the Creative Director at Fresh Air Festival. The company as well as the Creative Director has been given an annual contract to work on Thailand's biggest event all year round; the countdown event. The company was hired by ICONSIAM which is one of Bangkok's biggest and most notable mall. The experience was life changing as I saw the different areas where being "creative" was applied to. 


Cadson Demak

The work there covers packaging, brand design, corporate identity and lettering design. The notable brands that I've worked on includes Chula's CommMA, ASA Water and Charnpaiboon. Became very exposed to Typography and Thai type design during my time there.