Hanatrash Poster

Duration: Two-day sprint

During the Summer of 2020, I gave myself a poster assignment. It was supposed to be a quick 2-3 hour process however, it extended becoming essentially a 48 hour sprint. I spent these two days working solely on this poster as I was never really happy with how it turned out. I couldn't get the poster to fully "capture" the essence of Hanatrash; a Japanese noise band. Their music was extremely chaotic and insane however, I sensed many emotions that were not captured until my final rendition.



This contemporary Japanese "Noise" band has always been a topic of interest for me. The boundaries that the frontman, Yamatanaka Eye, had achieve through his "music" has been like nothing else. From listening to his sounds, a certain image appeared as I tried visualizing. The by-product of that, was this poster.

The contrast of the absolute chaos and certain silence is just like heard in their music. The heirchy and order is there yet, the focus is unclear. The Serif type that states "Destruction" is absolutely dirtied as the metal type intertwines all across. To my direction, the serif type and the noticible negative spaces act as the elements that hold order and peace. As for the rest of the elements, they communicate absolute disorder and madness.

If you would truly like to understand how this creation came to be: the song titled "My Dad is Car", would be a great start.