GG Allin Gig Poster

Duration: Two weeks

For the final project to our Intro class, we were given the task of recreating a poster from a previous era. Without much thought, I knew that creating a poster from the punk era would be interesting. This is for its raw and unfinished look. Weirdly enough, this aesthetic is being used in many editorials despite its raw and unfinished state.

I made sure that the elements stayed true to its core. The negative types were made on an actual embossed label maker then scanned. As for the physical poster, I had to look for a printer(store) that still owns a Xerox copier. As many printers only own digital printers, it was fairly difficult.

Funny enough, the printer I went to had multiple Xerox copiers so I begged the lady to turn on the most unlcean, most filthy Xerox copier she had. I told her that I wanted the copies to be as gainy and dirty as it could be. I have never seen anyone so confused.

As for the direction of the actual mock-up. I used poster glue(wheat paste) which was also the paste that bands would often use back then. This gunky glue mixture created the perfect wet creases that I was looking for. The perfect final touch to the poster.



GG Allin was an artist know for his heinous live gigs. As it was punk-rock, it made sense however, his music is considered to be mediocre by most. During his live shows, he was often seen hurting, beating his audiences as well as being buck naked. Please be advised when looking him up as many images and videos of him are extremely explicit and inappropriate.