The Brief

Duration: Two weeks, Members: Five people, Role: Project Manager

For our final project in ADBR305, we worked on a brief from the 2022 Young Ones Student Awards on DoorDash. The brief states: "The objective is to drive sign-ups for DashPass.. creative ideas that will help us drive sign-ups and buzz for the subscription". Our group sifted out what DoorDash was looking for and focused on three main things: "provide DashPass members exclusive experiences or offers", "Nothing to do with savings", and "Real life experiences".

After much considerations and yes-and's, we went with the experience of having DoorDash at a music festival. The place where food stalls are horrible with extremely long lines. The idea would be to have several pick-up stalls through out the festival (partnered). This would allow DashPass subscribers to order and pick-up their food even though outside food is never allowed. In addition to that, subsribers will also have their own exclusive dining area. 

The entire pitch deck can be found here. (121.00MB)

Concept Board


The Role

The group consisted of two native English speakers and three beginner speakers. Being the PM for this project was extremely rough but fun. We would run into many instances where we would have to translate and simple down our words so that we as a group would be on track. As for me, I made sure the fill the empty spots and worked on aspects where no one was working on. This includes: the deck, iPhone mock-ups as well as the prototype.