Duration: Four weeks

During our Studio II class, we were tasked with coming up with a concept which then we would create deliverables for. These deliverables were decided by students induvidually and since I don't have much branding work in my current portfolio, the three deliverables I chose were branding (logo systems), a book and a mailing system. The full processbook can be found here (90 MB).


I wanted to bring in environmental issues in a different light. As we proceed into a greener future, many are going against it. With this in mind, I came up with the idea of "Church of Vastum". The church follows a cult-like nature in terms of their doings. The idea of this concept was to show the extreme side of anti-green. By doing so, people would realize how their behaviors might be effecting the world. The church believes in the extinction of human race inorder to make ways for a different breed to walk on Earth. They also believe in completely destroying the planet in order for a "hard reset". 

Welcome Book

Logo Systems

Junk Mail